Friday, March 20, 2009

Revlon Matte Collection... Checkmate!


First, gracias to all of you who showed me so much love and support through these past days; I really appreciate it. Things are coming back to normal slowly, and our lives go on.

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on my 1-2-3's for looking younger with makeup tricks; and one of those tips was to use matte eyeshadows. And I can tell you, it works like a charm. Not only does it make you look younger; it also makes you look oh! so much sexier.

I got a hold of Revlon's Matte Eyeshadow Collection after a weekend talking to some younger hermanas who love makeup but didn't know if they could pull a midnight blue smokey eye; so I offered to try it for them....

Checkmate!! I am in desperate and absolute love with these eye shadows chicas. From Revlon's website:

Soft, suede-like texture glides over lids smoothly and evenly.
Provides high-impact color and a soft matte finish.
Feels smooth and luxurious on the eyes.

Check, check, check. Three out of three.

These babies are highly pigmented, but you can certainly monitor how much to apply without much hassle, and hence avoid looking like a scared raccoon... which happens only too often to divas-in-training who have not mastered the smokey eye look. They feel smooth and do not go powdery like other e/s; but you do need to be subtle when you first try them. You can always add more color; but taking it off is a b.i.t.c.h....

I bought only two shades: Riviera Blue which is my first ever blue eyeshadow (before this I avoided blues like the plague, and in general I still do); and Aubergine is the most luxurious deep purple you can think of. Sexy, I tell you.

For those chicas who favor a Spring natural look; Revlon also makes pastel colors like Pink Innocence and Luscious Lime; and -oh yes!- neutrals that you can use as an all-over base like Peach Sorbet and Vintage Lace.

Now, they of course come with an itty bitty applicator. But, if you have followed the Café Beautique and other beauty blogs for a while; you know that those are made to throw away and be replaced by brushes, right???? For more info on brushes, cheack out this post. I cannot then report on the applicator because by now it is somewhere far, far away.

And, if that alone was not good enough reason to try them.... they last forever. I kid you not. I always test new e/s without primer to check out the durability; and these ones beat any other I have tried. After all, Revlon did create ColorStay....

So go matte, go misteriosa, go sexy. But, more importantly, go happy.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. I own so many blues, it's sad. =[
    I've removed myself from purchasing them. lol

    Always see those eyeshadows in stores these days and wondered if they are any good.

    Could you post swatches if possible?

  2. Cool. I hadn't heard of this shadow yet but I need to try it. I'm not so good with the smokey look though...

    Sorry it took me so long but I added you to my blogroll, thanks! =)

  3. This blue really caught my eye at Walgreens, but I have a lot of blues so I passed. I would like to see some swatches of it ;)

    BTW I gave your blog an award!

  4. can you review the pure white kohl eyeliner that is also from the revlon matte collection? thanks

  5. Hermana --- I do not use white eyeliner at all. I do highly recommend Stila's Kajal eyeliner in Topaz, a really neat fleshy tone!!!


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