Friday, January 2, 2009

Brushes, brushes, brushes


I indeed gave away a couple of brush sets this season. I insist that brushes are your best friend when it comes to applying makeup. Even if you are a makeup newbie; brushes will make your life easier and your face less than patchy.

Good brushes tend to be on the expensive side; but there are alternatives. And if you take good care of them, they will last you a while. Clean after using, wash once a week or so.

I am currently in love with the Sephora brush collection, although I have been known to favor MAC brushes as well. Before you all go and spend your gift certificates just like that; let's see.... which are the "must haves" to begin a collection of your own?

  • Foundation brush. I am currently using MAC 190 (pic above) and it works like a charm. Remember I use MAX Factor pan cake foundation; so a good foundation brush is a must; and it certainly saves me money as I use less product.
  • Slanted brush. This one is fabulous for making those sexy eyes look bigger. I have MAC's 208 small slanted eye brush; plus another 2 from no-name brands.
  • Smudge brush. I bought my first one before Christmas; and I am only so happy I did. I use this one to give my lower lashes a bust of color, or a shadow of sexiness! It blends lovely and you can adjust the stroke depending on how much you "push" the brush.

  • Blush brush. Some folks use one for blush, one for bronzer, one for.... I just use one. I am however partial to the ones that have a bit of a slanted tip -- this way you can work contour much better.

  • Eyeshadow all-over brush I got some Elizabeth Arden ones a while ago as a gift with purchase and they are amazingly versatile. If you don't want to cash out for a MAC Queen Bee (best blender brush I know); these ones shall do the trick.

I guess it all comes to how many functions you can invent for your brushes, you can be as versatile as your imagination and your budget allow. I don't think brush functions are set in stone at all. Some hermanas could not care less about brushes (case in point, Legally Smart and her obnoxious disposable applicators), and others who are brush mages.

If you are -as I am- on a tight budget; you can always play around with cheap brushes from your friendly dollar store; upgrade to drugstore items, etc. It's all about having good fun with makeup hermanas, it is not a chore!!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. What do you wash the brushes with? And what do you do to make them go back to their original shape? Mine tend to get all distorted after I wash mine.

  2. I will talk about that in tomorrow's post hermana.... stay tuned!!!

  3. I love MAC brushes. I was lucky and got 5 of them on sale for about $50--they randomly had a rep seliling them at Nordstrom's Rack.

  4. I hear you. MAC makes great brushes; but I am trying to be thrifty :(
    Sephora's brushes are quite good actually!!!!

  5. Hey Bella,

    I love my brushes!! I have all the brushes you have discussed in your post. I'm absolutely loving the MAC foundation brush, the smudge brush is a life saver. But horors, I've actually lost my MAC slant brush :( Need to get it ASAP. As for blush, sometimes I get lazy and use my fingers instead. It works especially for creme blush.

    Yep, sometimes I get real lazy!!

  6. GOODNESS!!! Find that brush girl!! Or buy a cheapo one and cut it in slant.


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