Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beauty Sanctuary: Other alien tools...


Yesterday Rojo took it upon himself to clean my beauty counter. Living in the wild side, he wasssss. I was quite pleased of course, since I have had the busiest week so far. He asked something like "why do you have this and this and this here? it is not makeup!"; which got me thinking about some of the alien tools I keep in the makeup area; and thought I would share it with you.

So which are my alien tools?

Spritzer Bottles

I have two of them. One, bigger; for boiled water; which I switch about once a week. I keep this one next to the hair tools; and use to spruce up in between blow dries, or to reactivate heat styling products. A time saver.

The second one is a smaller version that holds whichever toner I am currently using (remember I use toner instead of water to activate my pancake makeup); so I keep the actual toner bottle out of sight.


Now now.... don't 'look' at me like that. These babies are my best found alternative to "blotting tissues". I just refuse to pay money for blotting paper. Will not do it. I must say that I "borrow" these napkins from my local Starbux --- if you are a MUA member, you can see they rank high on the blotting scale.

Baby Wipes

Stop and hail the mother (how apropos) of all versatility. I love them so much that I actually made an entire post about them; but suffice to say I use them to clean both my face, the counter, excess from the brushes, etc.

Chewing Gum and Altoids

I am a fresh mouth freak. If I counted, I can say I brush my teeth way too many times a day. but when it is time to rush rush rush, I pop in a chewing gum and off I go. Or a mint, or candy. Rojo is partial to Cinnamon Altoids flavored kissessssssss.... yum yum yum.

How about you? Do you keep anything handy that is really not makeup but helps you with your artistry? Do tell. And while you are checking that out; remember my tips to keep your Beauty Sanctuary clean and nice.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Gotta have my hand sanitizer!!
    lol My mom says I have OCD. =/

  2. OMG!!! Are you related to my husband. He has actually outfitted all my purses with a mini hand sanitizer!!!

  3. i have a lighter!! lol!! i used to burn my eyeliner so they would go on smoothly :D

  4. GURRRL!!! You just reminded me of one of my long lost tricks!!!! ***writes down lighter***

  5. OMG, I collect spritzers. Every time I go to sally's I leave with one. I also love little travel bottles. I have started to transfer my colorstay into the squeeze bottle for better handling. I have have baby wipes. I don't use them on my face, but I do use them for quick clean ups with brushes, mixing bowls, counters, etc.

  6. I use wet wipes like crazy! Nothing else is really 'alien' around my makeup area :)

    BTW I gave your blog an award here!

  7. I keep several sheets of folded up white tissue paper that I saved from Christmas presents and packages I've gotten in the mail. I used them to blot oil, to catch eyeshadow particles, and to blot my lips.

    I also keep a small spray bottle of water to wet my eye shadow brushes.


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