Friday, January 16, 2009

LUSH Giveaway for the Boyzzzzz!!!


I always go on and on and on about Rojo and his LUSH addiction -- massage bars, creams, soaps, you name it. Now be honest, how many times have you thought of giving your boytoy a little pampering time? maybe a sexy back rub? a nice facial? The hermanos appreciate pampering as much as we do.

I am WOWzed to announce that the fab people at LUSH are helping the Café Beautique with our first ever giveaway!!!!! Drea -LUSHette extraordinaire- is giving us a preview of a new gift for the hermanos that is coming out for sale on January 19, 2009. Check this out:

A quartet of LUSH products to scrub up your man: Shave the Planet shaving cream with Vitamin E, jojoba oil and Acai juice for super smooth shaves, Cosmetic Lad moisturizer to soothe sensitive faces, Bamboo soap to tone and leave skin smelling like the rainforest, plus a Business Time massage bar with shea butter and coconut oil to get him in the mood to get busy. Wrapped with a fun comic strip, this is a great gift for the superhero in your life.

I think this is awesome -- los hombres deserve some luvz. Also, if you do the Valentine's Day thing (I don't), this could be in your doorstep just in time!!!

Now, to participate, drop me an email (cafe.beautique at gmail dot com) answering this mini-trivia about LUSH products --my beloved Rojo himself will pick the winner from the subscribers who answer correctly! The giveaway entries close on Wednesday, January 21 at midnight EST; and we will announce the winner next Friday (1/23). This giveaway is open only to our hermanas in the US.

  1. What does LUSH mean by; “Naked products”?
  2. What is LUSH’s signature scent?
  3. Which best-selling facial cleanser was taken out of a medieval recipe book?
  4. What facial moisturizer used to be Princess Diana’s facial cream of choice?
  5. What are LUSH’s two edible massage bars?

I will be anxiously waiting for your responses!!! A good life is a LUSH life indeed!!!

Siempre, Bella


  1. OMG, I'm so excited for you! Your first giveaway! And so soon!

    Now, if that lovely box of manly products came complete with the superhero himself, I would totally enter. Alas, it would be wasted on me otherwise.

    Legally Smart

  2. Competition Entry completed Hermana :)

  3. Awesomeness hermanas!!! Contest closes today at midnight and Rojo will choose the winner tomorrow night!!!


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