Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anastasia Brow Express Kit


Back in 2008, I dragged Legally Smart to one of my Sephora binges. We had a jolly time, and I must say I am having a makeover effect on this relentless lawyer, since she has appeared with makeup on outside of Court. WOW. But back to topic chicas.

A nicely kept set of eyebrows is a must-have if you want your face to look cleaner, and your morning make up time to really pay off. Unruly eyebrows are not sexy, neither are over-plucked eyebrows (unless you want to look perpetually scared when they overdo the tweezing). At all. A long time ago, I had *gasp* a uni-brow with deliriums of thinking I looked like Brooke Shields. That is now past. Since then, I have learned the importance of keeping my brows clean and tailored.

I have tried waxing -ouch!-, threading (my fave method); and I tweeze as often as I remember to do it. I had heard wonderful things about Anastasia's Brow Express so I plunged into the bandwagon with a passion and got myself the kit, without much thought... worst $38 mistake I have ever made. Not impressed. At all. For $38, I had really high expectations.

The kit comes with four brow stencils, of which I could only make "use" of the High Arch one, and with so much difficulty I thought about flushing the thing down the toilet. You somehow have to hold both ends of the stencil while applying the shadows. When I grow hand number three, I should be able to master it. Not now though. Since the stencils have nothing to hold them in place and are quite slippery; this becomes the perfect scenario for a panic attack.

Say you have the stencil in place... then you fill in with the shadows that come with the kit; pluck whatever is outside of the shadow and you are ready. The kit also has a pomade to keep your brows tamed, which is actually very nice and works fine. Plus a "highlighter" for the brow bone that I have yet to notice when I apply it.

In all seriousness, I was very, very, very disappointed. This kit does nothing for me, besides sending me into a homicidal rage. I will just go back to using my regular Clinique Brow Shaper in Shaping Taupe (or whichever matte eye shadow that matches your brows) and get as far away from the stencil fad as I can.

Now I have to find a good Hindi threader in Seattle and make an appointment soon. I will leave the shaping to the professionals, and do the upkeep myself. Hmpfh.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. This brings back memories of the time I tried to wax my own brows. Not only did it hurt, but of course I totally screwed up. So very lopsided and ridiculous. So embarrasing. Never again.

    So, by virtue of having a much more painful and embarrasing eyebrow experience than yours, am I allowed to laugh at yours? Because, if I am, I'm totally ROFLMAO.

    Legally Smart (still stupid about other things)

  2. "Homicidal rage"! You had me cracking up with that one. I've never tried anything from Anastasia. $38 is a lot to waste!

  3. Toma it is your fault. I did not get a hold of the ELF tweezers until this week **cries**


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