Thursday, January 15, 2009

LUSH Favorites, vol. 2


You all know by now that we are a LUSH family. We got addicted to this way of life while in Canada; mostly due to our girl Kitz's fault. She phoned this weekend and I have been thinking how much I miss talking to her (here's to you Kitz, promise to call you this wekeend!!!). Kitz, like all LUSH soap divas, knows her stuff. Big time. She is fabulous and beautiful.

Back in those days; Rojo would get his hands dry as dry comes. They would crack and even bleed. Poor thing, really. I would also suffer from dry-hand syndrome in the long Canadian winters. So I asked the Kitz girl and she said "Helping Hands", quite solemnly. So I was obedient and bought a pot... specially after she told me that they had carpenters and gardener dudes who came in clamoring for the stuff.

After 2 uses, Rojo's hands were soft. No cracks, no dryness, no bleeding. For real. I tried it as well and I must say: for me being someone who does not like the feeling of creams and oils in my hands; Helping Hands was a godsend. It feels like nothing; absorbs hyper-quickly; does not smell like the attack of the spices, and it lasts for a long time.

Like all LUSH products, Helping Hands tells you exactly when it was made, and when it should be let go of. This is another reason to be a LUSH hermana. Love them. Helping Hands comes in 3.5 oz pots (USD 17.45) and a smaller travel version of 1.5 oz (USD 12.75), this one in a pump.

So, if you are suffering through a dry-hand spell; drop by your nearest LUSH and go for it. It is worth the money. And believe me, I would tell you if it did not.

Siempre, Bella.

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  1. I love their Free Trade foot cream. It is divine!


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