Friday, January 2, 2009

Cheap thrill of 2008 - Wet-N-Wild liners


I must say, when it comes to eyeliners and lipliners, I am an absolute cheapskate. The way I see it; I invest in my foundation primer, my foundation, my eyeshadow primer. But I cannot bring myself to indulge in expensive eyeliners. Really, not my thing. So I dedicate this post to my super fave line of liners in the drugstore world: Wet-N-Wild.

Think about it for a second: if you spend good money in what goes beneath, why on earth would you go bankrupt for eyeliners? No, no, no.

Now, these eyeliners do not last all day when applied by themselves; but they do a pretty decent job when applied over eyeshadow. That is one thing I always do: I first make an eyeshadow line and then up goes the liner. Otherwise I find the lines look a bit too drastic.

As with any other eyeliner; keep them sharp. Nothing as icky as a blunt eyeliner. I usually sharpen them as soon as I am done applying -- that way I save 10 seconds in the morning.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. How are you saving 10 seconds? You're still sharpening...just after instead of before :p I always wondered about that cheap makeup. Any thoughts on Maybelline Colossal mascara? It's time for me to buy some new stuff and my sister swears by it.

  2. You save them in the morning!
    I am not too keen on Maybelline's mascaras (except of course the staple); but give it a try and write a review for us!!!

  3. I also note that eyeliners are one of the things you're supposed to throw out most frequently. Easier to bring yourself to do that if it's cheap.

    Legally Smart

  4. Happy New Year! I'm back to blog hopping now that the holidays are over. :) I love eyeliners but have a hard time spending a lot of money on them too. I actually have a few by Wet-N-Child and they aren't THAT bad. Heyyyyy!!

  5. Hey bella,

    Happy New Year to you!! Me too, i'm quite a cheapo when it comes to liners. I've tried expensive ones to drugstore ones and most times, they dont have much difference at all. As long as it works, it's fine with me!! Take care

  6. Indeed, they are a good save!!!

  7. I don't use eyeliner much-- somehow it makes me look weird. I know, so counter-beauty!

  8. Perhaps you have not found the right shade hermana. Knowing you, I think you would look FAB with a bit of bronze eyeliner underneath your lashes!!!


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