Friday, December 12, 2008

Talk Dirty Spanish....


I know we are all excited about spending dinero on holiday gifts and goodies. I was thinking *I do that, a lot* about those hermanas we love and adore who do not love and adore makeup. They exist; and they deserve some luvz. So this gave me an idea with several outcomes: showcasing Mujeres de Color and their accomplishments; and also draw on my other love: reading. Hey! Bella is a nerd. In between Rojo and I ; we moved from Deadmonton last year with more than 40 boxes of books. Since then, we have accumulated about 8 more boxes.You get the picture.

So hereby I inaugurate the section by raving about the libro of my querida y cojonuda amiga Laura Martínez. This hermana has been around for a long time: reporting from Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, and our beloved NYC. She blogs away in Mi Blog es tu Blog; which you can follow through my Belleza Blogeras section.

Laura is one woman of substance who tells it like it is, and writes like a goddess. Quiero a esta loca. She is absolutely crazy, but I adore her. Now now. Not only have we have been amigas for a long time, but we kinda well... swear. Some. OK, a lot. Un chingo. And her book is all about the mentadas we need to know to not be caught off guard while being thrown dirty words at us. Enough out of my dirty mouth. Here's the neta on the book:

Talk Dirty Spanish..

Beyond Mierda: The curses, slang, and street lingo you need to Know when you speak Español

AQuZ pasa, gringo?

Whether at a cantina in Mexico or a discotheque in Spain, you better know how to shoot the s#*!-luckily for you, Talk Dirty: Spanish dishes all the dirty sayings in a variety of dialects. Packed with plenty of four-letter words, haba–ero-hot insults, and wicked expressions, this book will have you speaking like a true hombre. The Spanish-to-English translations will help you learn all the latest foreign slang, such as:

De puta madre: of the prostitute mother
Spanish Phrase: AMi tío tiende un coche de puta madre!
Translation: My uncle has a fantastic car!
Literal Translation: My uncle has a car of a prostitute mother!

Talk Dirty: Spanish-all you need for a sharper tongue and set of cojones.

I am going to Barnes and Noble after work to pick up the copies I ordered. I am sure Rojo will love it, and so will the other two cabrones I have in mind for this book. You can get Beyond Mierda through Amazon, or your local Barnes and Noble.

Beauty should always meet with our brains. Women who are gorgeous but have Cheerios or Froot Loops in their brains are sexy until you hear them speak. So read, cultivate your brains and spirits. Then speak (dirty, of course). This book is a must.

Siempre, Bella.

p.s. Special mention and gratitud to Taradeta, who is also my hermana, amiga and former mentor; who introduced me to Laura a loooong time ago!


  1. I need this!! I grew up learning "proper" Espanol and y was always muy dificil trying to speak to other natives. Because what Spanish speaker actually uses "usted" or "Vosotros"? Except maybe those in Spain. Conversational Spanish the best to learn!!!

  2. Hermana! Get it!
    Argentinians also use the "vos" and "vosotros". Colombians, my personal faves, use the "usted" a lot.
    Get the book B, you will not regret it.

  3. Well that title definitely got my attention! Lol. I will look into it, thanks for the heads up!

    [Oh no, I have a feeling your blog will make me want to spend tons cash.. :O ]

  4. Guilty as charged Maria..... but it is the holidays, las fiestas, so spend away. You can survive on beans + rice come January!!!

  5. "Talk Dirty Spanish" (LOL) the first phrase that I learned in Spanish was an insult about su madre. After that I learned a few choice words that got me popped in the mouth by my auntie who is fluent in Spanish!

  6. May I recommend one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bad girls, Gloria Trevi? A La Madre!!! Lots of wonderful plays on words a la mexicana.

    And today I spent a lot of time swearing under my breathe and mumbling stuff like que chingue su puta madre. And I threatened tu partir la madre de someone (behind her back, of course). But this chick definitely deserved some madrazos.

    BTW, I do speak proper Spanish as well. But not when I'm cranky.

  7. Bueno, nena, tienes mas "jale" que Juanes o Shakira en el Madison Sq. Garden! (Tu blog realmente ha jalado trafico, comentarios y fans)... Ah, y por cierto, gracias por tanta promocion y tanta flower! Te debo un bagel con salmón y queso Filadelfia en la Gran Manzana. Keep on bloggin' and keep beautiful!

  8. I know that I'm late to post but I just stumbled upon this entry and had to add mis dos centavos....

    My all time favorite is chingadera - workes like a charm every time to get my frustration out and not many people get offended...

    Thanks for the recommendations, Bella!


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