Friday, December 12, 2008

LUSH favorites, volume I


As I said before, Legally Smart dragged me into LUSH once more. I know, I didn't want to really go, but I could just not refuse (she has documented restraining orders against her from former friends...). So we went to our fave LUSH in downtown's C-@-TL Westlake Center and were treated to fun and laughs by Manic Lushette --- the most absultely fun LUSH gal (after my hermana Kitz Chic from Edmonton, of course).

So, I did indulge. I got Rojo 2 pieces of Spiced Curls; which just might replace MudFlats in his heart. I loved the cinamony smell hermanas... this is seriously sexy stuff and warms up on contact.... I see many woooohoooo showers ahead.

I usually buy 2 small cuts whenever I am trying a new LUSH soap. Just in case I do not like it you know??

I also got the holy grail of hand cremes for mi madre: Helping Hands. I do not know why, but this stuff is the best hand cream of all times; "hands down". My girl Kitz Chic got us into it. Rojo is an artiste and works with a loft of mediuma, including wood and metal. Kitz Chic told us that construction workers, carpenters, etc; arrive in hordes to get Helping Hands. It rocks. Big time.

I think I might still give LUSH a chance next year. But some items are so absurdly expensive that it's ridix.

Siempre, Bella.

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