Thursday, December 11, 2008


One of Seforito's recommendations from yesterday's Sephora Soiree was the answer to my question:

Bella: "Dahlin', is white eyeliner in the inside waterline IN or OUT?"
Seforito: "Well, you can use white... but..."
Bella: "Yesss????"
Seforito: "I will show you what I use" (oh yes hermanas, Seforito wears all the makeup he has recommended me) "it's not white, it's more beigy"

So we walked over to the Stila display, he grabbed the pencil in question, sharpened it and applied it right to my waterline. My eyes were so open, and bright looking. I was immediately in love. Not with Seforito, mind you.

The claim on Stila's website is :

Kajal eye liners are formulated to mimic the ultra-soft texture of the indian eye darkener of the same name. The luscious formula is silky smooth and glides on perfectly, without dragging across the most fragile skin around the eye area. Delivers bold, clear, true color that blends easily and beautifies.

They are not kidding. The color Seforito picked for me was Topaz (Apricot Nude), and I think it is the best thing ever. I had previously used white only; and sparingly since I looked more scared than awake; but this is luvly. Stila has eight colors: Amethyst, Emerald, Onyx, Pearl White, Topaz, Sapphire, Smokey Quartz, and Tigers Eye. Tres a propos to name them after jewels; because these liners are indeed jewels. I applied at 6:30 a.m. and it is still there. Check out the swatches at Sephora's website. I don't think I will splurge and fork $18 for another Stila eyeliner; but since it was for the waterline and nothing works there, I was not too yucked out by the price.

OH! And for those of you lucky Hollywood hermanas, remember that Saturday Stila has their yearly Warehouse Sale!!!

Siempre, Bella


  1. I'm a sucker for all eye products- I'll pick one up when I go back to my second home:-D

  2. Ohhh, I need to check this out!! And I sooo wish I could go to their warehouse sale!

  3. Thanks both!!! I am in love with the thing, I tell you.

  4. I WANNA GO TO WAREHOUSE SALE!!!!!!!! *sobs*


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