Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smashbox Photofinish Primer with SPF


I am not happy right about now. About 2 months ago I got a travel size Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer SPF 15, thanks to the recommendation of Seforito, my fabulous Sephora makeup artiste. Used it daily and seriously thought it was completely inconsequential. I think I got it because it was $9.00 bucks (impressive for a small size Smashbox product; and it lasts).

That was until this morning; when I was so sleepy I forgot to apply it before my Max Factor Pancake. O.M.G. I saw the difference right away. I usually pass a cotton round over my face to eliminate any brush streaks - without the Primer my face had a lot of streaks after applying the foundation. Not nice. Bella not happy. Apparently the godesses of well kept makeup decided to teach me a lesson. I learnt hermanas, I did.

And another reason to be quite unhappy about the ordeal is that I am leaving for Ciudad de México on Saturday - as in I do not have time *gasp* to go to Sephora again (did I mention Legally Smart FORCED me to go there yesterday??? Fine, I forced her, but that's my disclaimer).

With sense of impending doom; I am praying my little primer lasts; or that the Seattle airport duty free is open early so I can restock; or of course.... I can always drag Mamita Financiera, my cousin and BFF to do a makeup run in one of Mexico City's quite enviable monster malls. There's an idea. I feel better now.

In any case, the morales of the story are:
  1. Trust your Sephora make up artiste. They know their biz (Seforito has not failed me yet in his recomendations for my canela skin, and that is a toughie).
  2. Use a primer. Specially if you have after hours engagements to keep: that way you limit retouching to blotting your visage, or just applying some powder.
  3. If you cannot use/afford a primer; moisturize. I asume you do this already; but just in case: record a tape for sleep-time background that says: clean, exfoliate, moisturize; clean, exfoliate, moisturize....
The regular price for the "big" bottle of this baby is $42 at Sephora. The travel size was considerably less since it was on the sale bin at the counter; though its running price is $17. You might want to try the small size first. It does last a long time; and if you will not use it everyday, it is enough.

Siempre, Bella

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  1. It lasts ages! I have the regular primer without the SPF stuff and have had it for ever. It doesn't need to be slathered on. I love the way it seems to erase anything undesirable.


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