Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Before MAC there was MAX!!!


Before MAC, there was MAX... Max Factor, that is. Those of us with a few gray hairs know what I'm talking about. Back in the 80's, when we all thought Princess Di would become the Queen of England and Cindy Lauper hollered like crazy dressed in dingy rags; Max Factor was known -and still is- as "The Make Up of Makeup Artists".

And when I say that, I mean it. Mr. Factor was the man in the Golden Age in Hollywood; when stars were Stars for decades, not for 1 movie and 1 bad CD. In Classic Stardust I found a lovely quick catch-up of Max Factor:.

One of the most popular line of cosmetics, Max Factor, turned regular people into dazzling stars. Max Factor, the founder, made the first make-up ever to be used in motion pictures. It was greasepaint in a tube. In later years, he went on to make lip gloss, fake eyelashes and the popular "pancake" powder.

Surprisingly, Max Factor originally started out as a wig maker, making wigs for some of the most popular stars and films. This included: Glinda's hair in The Wizard of Oz and even Lucille Ball's red wig. He even made Marlene Dietrich a wig that she insisted be dusted in 20K gold. When Mr. Factor was cleaning it, he ended up getting $24.32 in gold dust! Not surprisingly, everybody who was anybody was signed to Max Factor, including: Judy Garland, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers and Betty Grable.

We are also talking about major sex appeal and high sophistication. Diva-licious gorgeousness. This was waaaaaaaaaaaaay before Eva Longoria was the face of L'Oreal; or Goddess Salma Hayek became Revlon's Poster Woman. Sigh, sigh, sigh. If you are not yet convinced; just remember Max Factor invented lip gloss. That's right. Perfectionist Diva Madonna was the face of Max Factor --- 'nuff said.

I have been using their products for a long time. My two faves are 2000 Calorie Mascara and the ultimate creme foundation: Pancake.

The mascara, which has been reviewed endlessly; is probably the best drugstore buy if you are in much need of a pick-me up for your lashes that will not send you to the PayDay Loan joint. It comes in both straight and curved brushes (I take the curved, graciasssss); and it is just lovely. Plus, it is usually $7. I know. Impressive. The only caveat for my 2000 Calorie love affair is that I find myself replacing the tube often: but that might just be because I do have a thing for not keeping mascaras for too long.

Now, pancake; goddess of foundations. I've heard horror stories of hermanas that just do not like it at all. Pan-cake activates with water; and since a lof of us do not use the bathroom as Beauty Central (I do); it is a pain to need the water there.

My double whammy solution: Have one of those disposable sprayers (from the dollar store) and fill in with H2O; or be smarty as I am and fill it in with your fave Toner. Ya-haaaa. I currently use Breath of Fresh Air from LUSH . That way, I kill two birds with one brush! I tone my face, and apply the Max Factor pancake in one. Max Factor is certainly something to try if you are addicted to good quality products. They rock. Always. And they will not make you go broke. Ever. They will just make you divalicious.

Now, go google the Max Factor Golden Age Divas (with a Capital D) .... there WILL be a January giveaway and you want to know the answers (and get the goodies!).

Siempre, Bella

p.s. cut this hermana a break; I am dabbling with photoshop.


  1. Retro makeup...check out retro jewelry...

    See what you think!

  2. so when you said you mix toner and foundation in a spray bottle.. is there a type of foundation that you can only use? I use one that comes out of a pump (smashbox, i think...) what ratio do you put in??

  3. No hermana. If you use Max Factor pancake foundation, you have to apply it with water -- so instead of opening the faucet onto the brush; I fill up a pump with either water or toner. Works luvly.

  4. Yay! I'm so glad I read your blog and found out that pancake is available out there. I just ordered some online :)

  5. Pancake is a gift from the beauty goddesses trailmix!!!

    Glad to be of service hermana!!!

  6. I'm a light skinned latina from Texas. What color of the Max Factor Pancake do you think would work for me? I am so excited to try it.

  7. Laura,

    Since you can actually see the shades through the packaging but not try them (sad, I know); I would suggest one of the clearer tones. As a Latina, remember that yellow undertones are good for us!!!


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