Friday, December 19, 2008

Café of the Week: Hail the French Press!!!


Do not think for one beautique second that I have forsaken you. Oh no. I am in Ciudad de México enjoying the sun and my familia. As you can imagine, Rojo has grabbed more fans than Hugh Jackman (and more luvz than me). We have been doing the shopping thing a lot. And of course, now that I am with mi madre, I am showered with good coffee everyday (ok, not showered; but waking up to the smell of home).

Turns out my mom gave up on modern coffee gadgets to return to one of my all time faves for brewing the best ever java: the French Press.

This little beauty is your best option if you only brew one or two cuppas. Get yourself a good bean bag (don't you always) and have it ground relatively coarse. Put a couple of spoonfuls in the bottom; add almost boiling water (hermanas, if it is boiling it will burn your java and that is just not cool), push the plunger and listo!!!! Best coffee ever.

Now now, the other great use of the French Press way to coffee is that once you drank your coffee; you add a bit more water and plung again. Let it cool down, and lather your mane with it. Oh yes hermanas.... leave it for say 15 minutes while you are drinking your cuppa, reading the newspaper, the gossip mag, having the morning ciggie, etc. Shower, and voila. Shine for the price of a lovely morning...

Time to go get pretty. More, if possible. Behave yourselves -a bit, don't overdo the goddie two shoes thing!!!

Reporting from Mexico City with luvz and coffee.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Oh coffee makes me happy. Hey Len have you heard of Victoria Jackson cosmetics? Any opinions? I just got given a kit.

    let me know



  2. I have not heard about Victoria Jackson cosmetics hermana-- but I shall do my homework and report!!

  3. Hey Len dear,

    Nice to see you here! Haha coffee eh, the only thing to wake me up in the morning, if not I'm a walking zombie the entire day. By the way, use leftover coffee as a body scrub, and you'll have polished skin this winter :)

    See u

  4. Coffee as body scrub is amazing. Although if it is not ground just right, it can either scartch you or do nada if too fine.
    Great idea hermana!


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