Monday, December 8, 2008

Café of the Week - Community Coffee Chickory


Well, I was thinking (I know, bad bad habit) that I had not blogged about café yet. As you might suspect from the blog's title, I love coffee. Luvz it much. So I will try to update you all with my fave brews, and of course the ones that should stop being roasted altogether.

Last week I had a WOW moment when my Louisiana Blonde sent me a care package containing New Orleans goodies. Amongst them, a French Quarter super fabulous mug; Cajun seasoning, Mardi Gras beads (that apparently should be used towards kinky events that are not part of this blog) and a huge bag of Community Coffee with Chickory. I had never ever had this before. I immediately (no, I am not kidding) brew a cuppa and had an epiphany: this is an absolutely gorgeous combination of flavors and textures. This brew is creamy, dark, and spicy.

In their website, Community Coffee Company describes the Coffee & Chickory as:

Indulge in a delicate combination of fine Arabica beans and high quality chicory that is steeped in the traditions of New Orleans.
The bittersweet richness of chicory lends itself to a heavier-bodied coffee that has become a New Orleans favorite.

Well, I don't know if it is a New Orleans favorite; but I found it delish. I am having a cup right now (when am I not, I wonder) and it tastes like smooth jazz. Nothing like coffee in the morning to take my mind off the crazyness of C-@-TL living.

Now now, coffee is not only the drink of the gods; but can also be used as a beauty must. WHAT????? Oh yes hermanas. Like Cait Johnson from Care2 Make a Difference tells us, coffee can be a nice addition to a green life. You can make mixes for fighting cellulite, exfoliating and invigorating your skin, etc, etc, etc. Coffee is your friend. Trust me.

And special gracias to Louisiana Blonde for such a delightful present. Hermana, you rock. Strike that. You jazz my world!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Yummmyyy!! I'm not a coffee drinker pero I wouldn't mind havin 'a sip to combat the cellulite. :)

  2. I'm so flattered!!

    I'm so happy you enjoy it! Let me know when you start running low- I can always send more! :)

    Love ya Babe!

    La Louisiana Blonde.

  3. Indeed, coffee can do WONDERS for your skin hermanas. I shall post more often about this!!!

  4. I'm going to go soak in a tub full of hot coffee now. . . .

    Legally Smart


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