Friday, December 5, 2008

Prestige Non-Creasing Eyeshadows

Hermanas, es viernes!

Fridays are cool. Very cool. I usually go for coffee with la suegra, my mamma in law who is as sweet as they come; but today shall be different since el suegro, Rojo's dad, is turning one year dolder. Happy B-Day, G!!!

I am always on the hunt for drugstore cosmeti
cs that do the job the spendy brands do, without hurting either my skin or my wallet. One day, back in Deadmonton; I stumbled across Prestige Cosmetics. They were on sale so well... you know the story; got Self a couple of lip liners; which worked wonders in the Canadian winter that did nasty things to my lips.

We moved to C-@-TL and I sincerely forgot about Prestige until about 2 months ago when my MAC e/s in SwissChocolate went ciao ciao and I was not going to splurge on MAC. Again, Prestige was on sale so I got the single Ebony and was just amazed. As in W-O-W. It goes on smoothly; blends like a charm (who likes e/s that does not blend well???) and lasts forever (even without my not-so-secret weapon Urban Decay P
otion Primer). They honor their name and do not crease, ever. Not even the frosted ones.

They have a nice selection of tones. Singles duos, quads. The duos are fab because you
can mix them right there in the pot (today I am dolled up with Cinnamon Stick Duo plus their Flushed as a browbone highlighter). Packaging closes nicely and is clean. Some hermanas have told me they are sad these babies do not come with an applicator, to which I always reply: "Appli-whats????Get yourself decent brushes!" Seriously. Applicators are the best way to cultivate icky life-forms in your products or, like Legally Smart told me once, a "primordial soup" (and mind you, she uses Sephora applicators but swears she throws them away often).

You can find them in most drugstores and supermarkets. Sad to say, Sephora does not carry them.Singles go for about $3.99 USD and quads for $5.99, if you are wondering where to get them; check out their store locator feature. Their website is not very nice to look at (swatches are poor), but the retail locator makes it worth it.

After finding this brand, I bid adieu to all but one shade of Revlon ColorStay; and to my Maybeline singles.

Now hermanas... go get prestigious !!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. I'm a big fan of cheap, disposable e/s applicators. I recently tried some that resembled Q-tips with a pointier end. BAD idea. Said pointy end was not sturdy enough and promptly got squashed as soon as I used it. Also, the e/s disappeared into the cotton so that I had to use much more to get any onto my skin. I'm going back to the usual spongy-tipped things.

    Legally Smart

  2. Dear Legally Smart,

    Me thinks I shall invest in getting you converted to the brush clan. Enough of the appli-whats, plz!


  3. I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct place or if I should even post it. But I just wanted to say that I ran out of my soft chocolate eye shadow, I tend to use neutral colors, and decided to buy this L'Oreal one I saw at Wal-Mart. BIG MISTAKE! The color was ok but it creases like crazy. I've been wearing it since last week and after 3-4 hours the entire eyeshadow disappears into this bold, nasty crease on my eyelid. NEVER AGAIN!!! >(


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