Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby wipes, anyone?


I thought I'd share one of my thrifty ideas. A looooong time ago, when I was young and overpaid, I would use really fancy make up removers. One for eye makeup, one for face and neck (because we all know to extend our foundation a bit in the neck, am I right????). Those days are gone. Partly because well, we are in recession; because I am on a budget; and because I have grown wiser with my beauty dinero.

Now. Last week I told you all about the jojoba oil for eye makeup bye-bye. Today is the turn of the really versatile baby-butt wipe. I use that to take off foundation + lipstick. Works like a charm. I buy unscented and alcohol free ones and so far I have had no breakouts, no redness, no nada. Baby products are amazingly versatile.

Rationale? If it is soft and good enough for a baby's bum; it is perfect for our faces hermanas. AND, if you think that a 30 sheet pack of Olay towelettes goes for how much? $7.99? and baby wipes are sometimes as cheap as $1.00.... do the math.

Another use for baby wipes? Mornings, after doing my makeup; I clean the counter and sink with one - to eliminate all the powder that escaped the brushes. Nice, nice, nice.

Siempre, Bella

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  1. Baby wipes rock! I used them in the field as mini-showers so that i wouldn't look all gross all day long before I could take a real one.


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