Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Volumizing? Defining? And other WTH moments....


Curious fact before I forget. In Mexico, mascara is called rimel. Yup, like Rimmel London.

If you have been with us all week; you now know that getting luscious lashes is not just a matter of slapping on whichever mascara. Monday we shared Lash Savers, including some guidelines on what to look for when you are buying a new tube. Yesterday we dished about the pros and cons of primer and curling (or not!). Today we are almost getting ready to cyberapply mascara.

So let's pretend we are standing in the middle of Sephora *sigh*, with no budget problems *sighs again* and all the time in the world *triple sigh*, but without a salesperson trying to push their favorite mascara on us. How would we decide?

I say: think triple. I would like you to focus on three things. First, the type of mascara you want; second, the brush of the ones available and third; sadly enough, how much can you afford.

The titles cosmetic companies baptize their products with can be as puzzling as trying to sort out their ingredients (unless you are lucky enough like yours truly to have a hot Organic Chemist on call, mwahahahaha). But really, they can be confusing. So, how about mascaras? What is the difference between a "volumizing" and a "curl enhancing" one? Let me give it a try.

Volumizing mascaras claim they can make your eyelashes look full and yet soft. This is the kind I live by, since I am all about the dramatic look. Best in Class are (some reviews courtesy of Bee over at Clumps of Mascara):

Cover Girl Lash Blast (currently on my lashes)

Diorshow Iconic (on my I wantzzz it list)

Max Factor 2000 Calorie
(one of my faves)

Volumizing mascara is best used -yo pienso- when you have somehow achieved curl and length through other means. If you have small lashes, not such a good idea as it can look clumpy. If you are going to use this baby, give it some time to set before patching up 3,000 coats. And always use a separator after.

Lengthening mascaras help you extend small lashes. Simple, eh? Not quite. Like, really chicas, how can you lengthen something finite? (great, now I am philosophical). Yet, seems you can. Best in class:

Lash Control Volume

Maybelline Lash Stylist

Rimmel Glam Eyes (Bella's review, B's review)

If you want tube technology, go for either L'Oreal Extend or Blinc Kiss Me. I have tried both and am partial towards L'Oreal, which is also much more affordable... as in half price affordable.

"Curling' mascaras are supposed to give you a curly angle to otherwise flat and sad lashes. I personally think this is nothing more than a myth (basic physics hermanas)... so I will not go into detail about these ones. They exist, and I would never buy one. If you have and love them (and hence think I am full of...) do share!!!

Defining mascaras are -after volumizing ones- my favorite ones. They tend to be much more thin in their consistency; and their ultimate goal or promesa is to separate and -surprise!- define your lashes. I like these ones for those very rare days where I want to look more natural (they occur, once in a blue moon). Another perk is they tend to feel quite light on your eyes. Best in class?

I personally love Lancome Définicils

Clinique High Definition

Revlon has a sleuth of defining mascaras, but I must confess I have not tried them.

Dios! This is one long post. I guess we will leave the thoughts about mascara wands and brushes for tomorrow. In the meanwhile, go back to dreaming about being in Sephora, with no budget restrictions....

Siempre , Bella.


  1. Wow, this is a complete science about mascara. Thanx for doing all the foot work and sharing it all with us. Mary

  2. I need it all. I should apply one coat of each =) hehe

  3. lolz ---- it is less complicated than it sounds.

  4. Hey Bella! I love Lash Blash, and MF 2000 Calorie is definitely a standby. I also love Lash Discovery by maybelline because it captures all of my lashes.

    As far as the Revlon mascaras, I really haven't had much luck with those. The brushes tend to be poopy and the formulas have a knack for clumping.

  5. Hola Bella! Thnx for this article. Yep, not only in Mexico, but almost all spanish speaking countries use the word rímel for mascara. You may already know that for us máscara (with an accent over the first A) means mask. LOL, go figure.

    I love Lash Blast, though I have read many ladies complaining about the big brush not helping with small lashes =( About Revlon, I just wasted $7 on their latest one (DoubleTwist), so so so bad. I wrote "wasted" because I couldn't find my receipt to take it back... X(

    Oh well...


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