Thursday, April 23, 2009

NOW you can apply.....


This has been quite the mascara week, eh? Sorry about being MIA Wednesday, lots of non-beauty related things going on. Anyways, maybe that gave you a chance to reflect on this weeks step to perfect lashes.... quick recap:

  1. Keep your lashes in shape: clean and love them.
  2. Decide whether to use a primer, to curl... or not.
  3. Look up which type of mascara better suits your lashes needs.

Now, you finally have bought yourself a new tube. You are happy and ready to experiment your new look. With a new mascara, try to have NO expectations: it helps to not destroy your dreams of vampy and sultry eyelashes.

So, how to apply mascara? I think we all develop our tips and tricks; and some hermanas who blog have AWESOME video tutorials. I can only share with you what makes sense to me; so here goes it.

  • Mascara is my last step in makeup. After my eye shadows and eyeliner are set and happy; it is mascara time.
  • Do not pump the applicator in and out. Air gets into the tube and dries the mascara's formula.
  • Always get rid of excess product in the border. If your brush has too much mascara, the results will be ghastly.
  • Coat upper lashes first. A zig zag movement is a great idea; followed by a defining upward stroke. then go for the lower lashes (some chicas do not apply mascara to their lower lashes, and they look just as fabulous). My application ritual is a 1-2 + 1-2. Upper left lash, upper right lash. Again. Again. (I usually wear 3 coats). Lower left lash, lower right lash (usually just one coat).
  • In between coats and before running outside to face the day; SEPARATE your lashes. Get yourself a lash comb for this. I am still looking for a better one; so plzzzz send me recommendations. If you make this little step part of your daily routine, you will not only look better; but you will see that you need less mascara.
DO NOT - repeat, DO NOT use a pin. For the love of God and all that's nice and pretty in this world; DO NOT do this. You could not only slash the lash in two; but could potentially prick your eye big time. Not very nice.

That said, I really want to hear from you. Any tips or tricks? Do tell.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. I have really enjoyed this week of learning. Thanx for doing all the foot work and sharing your results. Hugs Mary

  2. great tips, another great tip is to brush your lashes inward toward the corner of your eye. It really makes them look longer.

  3. I've learned a thing or two with these tips. Thanks for sharin', lady!

  4. Excelente reportaje! I just bought today a terrible mascara, Revlon Double Twist, ugh, horrible. I used my Tweezerman ILash Comb to separate lashes and it almost couldn't do that. So much product in my lashes. Never again. I love my lashes to submit them to that kind of abuse.

    Thanks for the tips

  5. I don't use a comb but a safety pin to separate my lashes... like a charm!

  6. Diana! Sacrilegio hermana!!!!
    Step away from the safety pin!

  7. "Don't pump the applicator in and out?" That explains alot. I always do that. I always have dried out mascara too:(

    Taking notes..

  8. I gave you an award, check out my blog! Have a great day girlie!


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