Monday, April 13, 2009

Café Beautique has a new Guest Blogger!!!


Last week I was talking to one of my most adored amigas, the lovely and fabulous Ms. Squirrel. She lives in tres-chic Frankfurt, and travels back and forth to the US to do those things yo mamma told you not to. She is amazingly energetic; loves her Barchen (one of my dear, dear hermanos), and has a cutie cat named Cleo.

Long story short, after Ms. Squirrel read me the riot act for not investing some doolah in proper skin care, I invited her to share her good ways with us. If I am a bit obsessed with maquillaje and hair styling, Ms. Squirrel (aka La Ardilla) is the skin care mage. Soooooo, that said, stay tuned for her appearance on the Café Beautique later today.

Just a taste of her wisdom:

My little apartment is located between a waxing/ nail studio and a beauty salon, across the road from one of the top hairdressers in town and a luxury cosmetic store just next to it, it is my mission to keep those shops running!

So watch out Café Beautiquersssss.... we are about to be invaded by a Squirrel with a sultry attitude for all things skin!!!

Siempre, Bella.

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  1. I forgot to mention Ms. Squirrel is ALSO a super talented photographer!!!


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