Monday, March 23, 2009

Read before you buy....


As a product lover with a very very limited budget; I must really think out every purchase carefully. Actually, I think we all should. And not only because it takes us time to earn our dinero, but because there are few things as annoying than coming home after spending "x" amount of money only to find out that the foundation is too oily; the eyeliner does not glide, the lipstick shade is wrong, the mascara clumps.... bad.

So yes chicas, before I buy anything; I take my sweet time doing some serious research. Do I make faux passes? Of course I do. Sometimes even if I do my homework; the product will just not agree with me. But hey! I find researching products to be quite fun.

Now, what kinds of things do I do? Here's a quick list:

1. Observe and ask.

I am known for stopping mujeres in Seattle and asking point blank: "what mascara are you wearing?" or "love that lip shade, what is it called?" Not only is this a good way of getting good info; it also makes someone else's day (come on, we a ll love being complimented in our makeup, hair, looks, brains....). A lot of my best buys and staple products are result of this interviewing strangers.

This includes bloggers. I know only one or two bloggers who ignore their readers questions (if they do, I stop following). Ask your fave blogger what her staple products are; or send them on a quest for the perfect concealer!!! I recently did this!

2. It is on the interwebzzzz.

If you are -and I know you are- a savvy browser; not only do you read blogs; you also check out product review websites. I dutifully check out Total Beauty, Makeup Alley (which has a FAB swap section), Sephora, and other sites that have personal reviews. I trust reviewers that are not paid by the manufacturer. Hermanas like you and I.

Another great source of information is, of course, the manufacturer's website. Some of them include reviews from users; others do not. I tend to be careful about the claims that sound way too crazy; and lucky me, I live with an organic chemist that withstand my gunning him with questions.

3. Panic-shopping is bad for you.

This Saturday, I spend about 25 minutes in Target deciding which new mascara to get; since I am on a mascara+with+primer binge. I rarely buy makeup alongside groceries or anything else: they are both too important to interfere with each other. I would not like to buy a crappy eyeshadow as much as I would definitely not enjoy buying a bad lettuce head because I am in a hurry.

If I know I need something, I take my time. Case in point: About 3 weeks ago I realized my hairdryer needed to be passed on to la suegra (Rojo's mamma has short hair) and I should invest a bit of doolah in a new one. I read online reviews, I checked prices, and I asked my beloved Hairnista for her advise. Result? I paid 18 dollars for a Revlon Tourmaline Ionic hair dryer that makes me smile. Saved money, and I am sure I got the best dryer for me.

So, once again. Makeup is not a chore; but a quest, an adventure. So, if you have time and want to spend your dinero wisely; do a bit of research!!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Well said ! Makeup is a quest ! When sme of my readers write to me asking " what is the best concealer ..I dont wanna waste anymore money trying one" I dont know what to say. I tried SEVERAL concealers before landing on a great one. So I usually just write to them stating what worked on me and why and hope they find it useful :)

  2. That is exactly what I do. If I know, I say it. If I do not know, I say it, too :0)

  3. Very good advice, especially the part about reading reviews. Just recently I purchased some cosmetics online and the reviews were really helpful, however beware of reviews that sound too positive. Sometimes people are actually paid to say nice things about a particular product to boost its appeal. Yahoo answers and google are my best friends when it come to internet shopping :D

  4. Indeed -- some peepz do get paid for their comments. I for one do not get paid by anyone (i iz poor, but i iz honest).

    Yahoo answers is indeed awesome!

  5. and remember most places will take things back! ask at CVS and walgreens, they really do have a pretty decent return policy. sometiems I can get a color out in the sunlight (not the lights they have) and immediately know it will not work!

    i have at least 2 more makeup reviews coming up! pay close attention, I have a PARTY going on Earth day week! 4-19 thru 4-26

  6. I am a devout follower of your blog hermana!!!

  7. great advices especially research and make up is a quest!!!! Gracias

  8. That's right, girl! I don't think I have ever made a make-up purchase without doing some research first.

  9. Great tips! I love #1, it's so true--a great way to get the truth and make someone feel good. Thanks for this post!

  10. As always, exceptionally insightful. Shopping for make-up should be time consuming, because its fun and can be costly.

  11. Ahhh, too bad I never met you when I lived in Seattle. I'd have loved to be stopped on the street to talk about makeup :D


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