Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Facials Galore


I bet you all partied like it was going out of style last weekend. Fess'up. You know you did. And then your cara and skin pays the price: eyes look bloody, swell, pores go crazy, etc. You know the drill. And in these times of (here comes the "B" word) budgeting wisely; few of us can afford to buy expensive face masks. Do not panic; there is a lot you can find in your pantry that will make you look fresher and feel less guilty for sins of parties past!

For quick one ingredient masks, you can use any of these. Spread on your luvly visage, let stay for say 20 minutes, wash with lukewarm water and feel like the diva you are.

Yogurt: talk about fresh hermanas! Make it plain of course.

Honey: just make sure your pores are open (splash of warm water beforehand so pores are open) and suck up all the honey goodness.

Banana: mash mash mash, apply and enjoy the free-spa smell.

Aguacate: [avocado] again, mash mash mash apply. For better spreading, add a bit of olive oil. A bit, don't overdo it, since the avocado has enough oils to make your face happy.

With both the avocado and banana; end with a warm then cold water rinse; so your pores open+absorb+close.

Coffee grounds: BEST exfoliator ever. But for the love of the Gods, make sure the grounds are cool , don't want any of you burning your caras, mmmm'kay? Also great for making your eyes un-puff after a noche loca.

If you have more time and want to get creative; or if you have specific issues to deal with; try these quick combos:

Yogurt/banana+sugar. Leave this one on for about 10 minutes. I must say, this is one of my all time faves. I always use raw or brown sugar.

Tatziki. Well, not quite. Tatziki is made out of yogurt, lime juice and slices of cucumber. This is quite the mask for those hermanas who overdid the partying and need some wake me up!!

I do not recommend making your own Oatmeal mask for one reason: oatmeal can be too rough on your facial skin, and if you do not know (and I, for one, don't) how to really make it soft, you might just end up looking like a shrimp.

Do you have any secret family recetas you care to share with us here? Any secret weapons for a pick me up on Sunday morning??? Do tell and share the belleza!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Love these tips! I might just try the yogurt/banana + sugar mask tomorrow.

  2. great ideas, hermana! I *heart* your blog.

  3. hey love. came to swing by to see if you would be interested in some contacts. =]


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