Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liquid Eyeliner.... pen or brush????


After quite a well deserved loooooong weekend, I am back! Missed you tons
chicas. Rojo et moi had a relaxing weekend at home, with lots of love, good food and other things non-blog friendly **blush**. I cannot tell you just how much I adore my husband; though something tells me you know that by now!!!!

As I told you all last week, I have received a couple of E.L.F. shipments that have kept me busy trying and evaluating these amazingly cheap products. Amongst the multiple goodies I received were liquid eyeliners in both brush and pen form. So I took my time and tried them both in different styles and colors and "faces". I must say I like them a lot. But this post is more about when and how to choose one form over the other; so here are my consejos.

Brush Liquid Eyeliner

This type of eyeliner
is the best if you have a bit of experience applying it. When I was young (I am still restless and fabulous), liquid eyeliners actually had brush-wands; and I spent way too many minutes learning how not to look like Elvira Mistress of the Night. Once mastered, applying liquid eyeliner is like riding a bike: you never forget. Nowadays, brushes are way more friendly.

If you want a fine-fine line, this is the way to go. With a steady hand (tip: always place your elbow in the counter while applying to avoid shakey hands that will ruin the fun), you can create the loveliest cat eye ever. Just please be careful with the wing at the end. I don't care what people say, eyeliner that almost touches your ears is not flattering. No, no, no.

Also, this kind of eyeliner has usually more pigment than the pen styled one. I try to limit use of brush eyeliner when I am going for a more dramatic look; and of course at night. I usually dab a bit of eyeshadow before I apply the eyeliner, again to minimize the harshness.

Pen Liquid Eyeliner

If your are a makeup baby; or a supreme diva on the run; go for the pen style; hands down. Example: I had to apply mine on the bus this morning, and the pen gave me quickness, precision and no errors.

Pen eyeliners usually have less pigment than brush style ones, so they are perfect for your weekend looks. I rarely buy black pens, but always keep stocked on brown and dark grey -ash-. I just bought E.L.F. Midnight Blue, which is lovely and I highly recommend for a quick polished look on Sunday morning. I liked the colors so much I will absolutely get the plum shade on my next E.L.F. extravaganza.

A couple of tips....

never use liquid eyeliner in your lower lashes. Unless you are wanting some serious, serious shazam effect. Liquid eyeliner is not for the faint of heart, neither for the chicas who love their natural look. For lower lashes, go with either eyeshadow or pencil liner.

Chances are you will get some eyeliner in your lashes; and that can make mascara application a bit of a pain. I find that looking down while applying liquid eyeliner is a face-saver. Also, as soon as you are done with the application; comb your lashes and get rid of the excess. NEVER pull on your lashes. EVER. If you do, I will have to take some disciplinary action against you... and you will not like that.

For those hermanas who are makeup babies (divas-on-the-making); do not try to apply liquid eyeliner on a rush. First, because chances are you will not like the result and, since eyeliner usually goes after eyeshadows; if you make a mistake, the whole "face" will have to be redone. Second and most importnat: I have said it before and will continue: Makeup, hermanas, is not a chore. It is your moment of artistry. So enjoy it!!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Thank you for this post Bella! I really want to try a pen liquid liner....

  2. Pen and brush...they both take some getting used to. I'm a brush girl for now. :) OMG, liquid eyeliner on the waterline...sounds like death!

  3. Gawd no B!!! Not on the waterline!!! I meant under the lower lashes lolzz

    I luvz liquid eyeliner.

  4. Gel Liner! That is the best, esp Bobbi Brown. It has the precision of a pen, but with the pigment of a pencil.

  5. You know -- I used to really love gel eyeliner. thanks for reminding me they exist!!!


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