Monday, February 2, 2009

No longer an ELF virgin... but a convert???


My adorable hermana Mel (also known in the underworld as DairyFarmer) kept singing the praises for ELF cosmetics; and sexy Toma from Makeup Masala confided that her ultimate favorite tweezers were the ELFish ones. They had me honestly intrigued.

I must say I was a bit suspicious. You know I am all about the bargain, that I never pay retail (well, not usually); and that I enjoy saving the pennies. But, all products for ONE DOLLAR???? Come on!!! There had to be a catch. So I went, Paypal account in hand, to their website. I browsed around every category and ended up ordering quite a bit of goodies.

  • Eyeshadows in Drama, Butternut and Luxe
  • 2 sets of slanted tweezers
  • Clarifying pressed powder in Tone 3
  • Smudge brush
  • Lip primer+plumper
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Candy Shop lip tins (the cutest little lip glosses ever)
  • Travel mirror
  • Powder puffs

...and god knows what else. Using all sorts of codes and coupons; I ended paying something like 12 dollars. Yup, , oui. My cosmetics were delivered 7 days later in perfect condition. The wrapping is very nice: I was expecting something cheapie and was pleasantly surprised.

I plan on going ELFish all week to see what I like and what I don't; and then come back and report on it for your delight hermanas. So far, I adore their liquid eyeliner that stayed put all day (and night since I forgot to take my makeup off on saturday, chica mala) without primer; and I also luvz the slanted tweezers.

Today I am wearing the Luxe eyeshadow quad (see below), the black liquid eyeliner and the tone 3 pressed powder. I am wearing of course my primers, but I will check again after lunch andthen after dinner to see how it stays- or not- put.

Mind you, all products are $1 -- exception made of their "Studio ELF" and mineral makeup lines (those are 3 bucks, puhleaze!). Right now I am going to their website again to order some beauty bags that are on sale for like 50% off. Can't go wrong with that. Besides, I have to employ my hard earned survey Paypal cash on something, right?????

Siempre, Bella.


  1. I've never heard of ELF... curious to see how it compares to the products you normally use.. because that stuff is cheap! lol

  2. I know hermana!!! I will report on the success or failure soon enough!!!

  3. I have tried some of their stuff and it's not bad for being so inexpensive. I especially like their lip gloss!!! I am a lip gloss loca!

  4. I had been waiting and waiting to see what you would say. Yay!!!! ELF FTW!!!!!

  5. I'm still dabbling in far so good. Wait--they take PayPal? Uh ohhh...I'm in trouble. LOL!

  6. I know!!! I am pleased so far; but the reviews will come next week hermanas!


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