Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CARGO beach blushes


I am in luvz. Luvz n' blushed that is. I found a CARGO Beach blush on hyper sale at amazon (special thx and luvz to Legally Smart who financed my spree with a gift certificate!). And I mean hyper-sale.... almost $10 off the regular $26 price. I bought it through Beauty in Style in the amazon beauty section - they seem to have discounted stuff; but limited selection.

Anyways, from the CARGO cosmetics website:

CARGO BeachBlush™ combines four complementary shades that when swept together, provide a perfect balance of color - the radiance of a newly flushed face and the glow of a lasting summertime tan.

At first I thought -sure, right, come on-; but fell in love with the packaging (I LOVE tins) and the concept of having several colors in one blush made me really, really curious; so I got it in Cable Beach. Like I said.... luvz.

OMG. This is so creamy for a powder --- this glides hermanas, glides. The brush loves this baby. And my face looks indeed all flustered (sexy fluster, not creepy old lady with too much blush flustered), and I love it.

Another point in favor is that it is supercharged with pigment. WOW. Plus, I find it goes with most my outfits -- so this takes the decision time of 3.5 seconds as to which blush to wear. Love it, love it, love it. I can direct my brush to the darker or the lighter side depending on the look I'm going for!!! Magia, magic, magique.

You can buy CARGO at Sephora of course. So go for it! You will have fun with it, I promise thee.
Siempre, Bella.

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