Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gorgeous when late... my less-better-do routine


I have not been sleeping well as of lately. Hard time falling asleep; and much hardship getting up in the morning. Lots of things going around chez nous. Today, I actually overslept for one full hour. OMG - I despise being late, and I cannot stand people who are continuously late: beyond uncool. This called for an emergency less-better-do artistry moment.

With about 5 minutes to do my makeup, I had about 30 seconds to decide what was indispensable and what could be overlooked. This is what I used:

Foundation: a total must. the world might collapse around me; but I need foundation. I did not use primer today; but since my wonder of wonders, MAX FACTOR's pancake is very creamy and stays put all day; I did not suffer.

Blush: god bless MAC. I used Flirt and Tease; but I did not use bronzer or shimmer powder. MAC blushes are so pigmented that a couple of passes with my blush brush was more than enought to give me quick and nice definition.

Eyes: The gray shade in E.L.F. Drama in my lower lid, and a dash of the white shadow next to the brow bone. A dab of the darkest tone as a smudgy under-eye liner. I did not apply my usual powder or liquid eyeliner. I must say I also did not tint my eyebrows -- I just passed the eyebrow comb over them and that was that.

Mascara: 2 coats of Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara. Don't know about you chicas, but I LOVE my eyelashes. I was blessed with long curly babes; but I still adore wearing mascara.

Lips: a nice tap tap tap of E.L.F. candy shop tin in Berry.

Ufff!!! Five minutes and I was ready to face Seattle, and Rojo's brew of my favorite java made it a quite romantic coffee-n-dash moment. The best part was being complimented on my looks after this ordeal. SO I guess now I have my own less-better-do routine for emergencies!!!

Now now --- what are your minute-makeovers??? Do share!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. oOoOoOo Lovely choices mama! I love MAC blushes and I want to try the MAX factor foundations!

  2. Thx thx thx Princess. you should totally try Pancake. It has nothing to ask for vis a vis StudioFix. No, I am noooot kidding!!!

  3. Bella,

    I love five minute faces that look good, and by reading this, I can tell that you looked excellent.

    By any chance, what MAC shading are you and what Max factor pancake shade are you? What application do you prefer for the pancake?

  4. I am Creamy Beige for the pancake; and I was NC35 if I remember properly.

    For the pancake,I spritz my MAC foundation brush with either water OR toner, and then grab the product and spread on my face. When it dries, I smooth over with a round of cotton to avoid lines. Voila! Perfection!

  5. That E.L.F. lippie sounds all kinds of hot! My minute make-over?

    Liner, mascara and gloss. LOL....done!

  6. B: that is a perfect beauty-minute right there mamma!!!!

    The E.L.F. lippies are so cute you want to eat them.

  7. Sweet! thanks so much, Bella. I am in the NC35-40 range, so that shade might work for me.


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