Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Soapie soapie


OK. I am assuming we all shower at least once a day... please say it is so, or you will break my heart and increase the evil eye looks of folks riding the bus with you.

I begin my day with a nice hot shower. I have tried this and that and the other soaps and body gels, etc.; and must say I am still a sucker for soap bars. Must be the voice of mi madre in my head.

Right now, I am on a Pre de Provence spree since they were on sale for 4.99 at a nearby shop. Usually they are a bit spendier.

So far, I have tried the Verbena (lovely and subtle scent, with a bit of exfoliating granules), Rose Petal (never again, unless you want to smell like my aunt E. or a cheap hotel toiletry set), Honey Almond (stay away from this one unless you have a thing for painful scrubbing; or if you are patient enough like Rojo who uses it with the net bath sponge and loves it).

Wait, it is not all bad hermanas. My total fave? Lemongrass. Citrussy, sexy, wake me up kind of feeling. Nice, very nice. Lavender is good when I have had a loooong day and I want to sleep deeply and perfumy. It's like love in a soap bar.

Others who deserve special mention here are of course the rustic cuts from LUSH. Those LUSH ladies are always sweethearts and make you feel like the goddess you are any time you walk in. Problem is, LUSH is going a bit too corporate for my taste. I loved shopping there years ago when I lived in Canada and LUSH was almost a kitchen biz. Although, I still have a weakness for some of their stuff:

Mudflats is Rojo's favorite soap. He lavished on it like it was never ending source of enlightenment. That was until he discovered how much it was *gulp*. It has a nice melty feeling to it, chocolaty almost. Mud, lavender, rosemary = sexy in a bar.

Honey I Washed the Kids is the best "simple" LUSH bar. When they say it is for all the family, they mean it. And it does not smell overwhelmingly "honey-ee" like their Flying Fox gel. Likey, but not too much.

What is YOUR favorite soap? Or maybe gel? Do tell.



  1. Must try the lavender. I personally love the always spectacular Kiehl's grapefruit gel and lotion.

    Cheers to Sister Len!

  2. I love bars of soap! I want to learn to make my own so I can just make some with honey, rosemary, oats, etc... I love rosemary mint soaps like this:

    Yay for the new blog!

  3. Did my comment work? Not sure because it said it didn't but then is acting like it did. if not, please view favorite soap picture and I will come back and retype. Otherwise, delete this LOL.

  4. Ruh roh! Hermana, I'm a hippie...I didn't know we were suppose to bathe regularly! LOL Anywhooo... I don't always have it around, but I do like Lavanila body wash made with pure Madagascar vanilla bean.... mmm. For when I want to smell yummy. I DO have to try Lush stuff as I've heard so much good about it. There is also a fancy-schmancy English soap that I've had that I can't remember the name of. It was lovely! I do tend to like gels better than bars of soap because I don't like gooey bars of soap in the bath, but I recently bought some handmade soap (almond scented), that is in a felt pouch that you use as a loofah. Soap doesn't get gooey and you waste less of it!!

  5. Hey- I like that idea Frances, what is the name of that one in the pouchy thingy???

    I always rinse my soap bars when I'm done; and have them in a rack so they can drain and not get gooey. ;0)

  6. Lencita,
    Is there a similar product in gel or body wash form? I'm not a fan of bar soaps but would love to either find a really nice body wash or a way to make my own.

  7. Well, I used to favor Clinique's body scrub and it was luvly. Of course now I could not possibly afford it. You could try one of St. Ives scrubs, they are pretty darn good. Or also I think it's Dove that has a body wash with exfoliants in them.

  8. Oooh Bella, the handmade soap thingie I got at a fair, so I'll probably never find the same soap, but I can reuse the felt thingie once the soap is gone.

  9. So I bought a gel scrub from St. Ives and it's wonderful, the only down side is the fact that now I have all these brown things on my shower. Oh well, I just rinse the whole shower and that's that. But the scrub itself is great!

  10. I also loove honey i shrunk the kids.
    have you tried Chagrin Valley soaps..
    they're amaaaaaaaazing


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