Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One more reason to love MAC


I shall venture into Freak Central, aka downtown C-@-TL; with the purpose of going to MAC and exchanging my 6 empties for a lipstick, courtesy of their Back to MAC program. I mean, what more could a woman want on a cosmetics line? Rojo says I have a funky idea of what "free" is and insists on doing the math for me.... not cool. Yet he shall join me for dinner and a nice sweep of Elliot Bay's digs, because we always need more books (as in, who doesn't and insert snicker here) and he still has a gift certificate from last X-mas! I shall make puppy eyes and see if I can get away with Jonathan Kellerman's latest thriller. Even if in paperback.

So far, I have about 5 MAC lipsticks, all from freebie land. Of course that to get each one I had to buy, use and finish say 35+ MAC products; but they are usually worth it. Few things I never did like were their mascaras and the Studio Fix Fluid foundation. In time, I will review my faves and also be on the lookout for hermanas who review MAC.

Since Father Winter has no mercy on my lips, I think I might just go with one of their Satin finishes; since they have a bit of conditioner in them. In that case, I shall decide in between Mocha or Siss. Or perhaps the plain old Lip Treatment. Decisions! Decisions! Although all their lipsticks have behaved quite decently; I find the Matte finish good for picture taking, not for everyday use, it does some serious drying.

By the way: MAC is giving FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any USD$50+ purchase online.


  1. And I thought it was MAC as in Apple Mac :P

  2. Hermano - you are misguided. I think la wifa needs to take you on a LUSH trip. There is some sexy luv-makin' stuff there. Trust me!

  3. Very nice. Tavo is a lush? I hope all goes well for you.



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