Thursday, December 4, 2008

KORRES lip butters


As promised, I did my pilgrimage to downtown C-@-TL yesterday, to exchange the empties for a nice MAC lipstick. I will use it a couple of more times before giving a review - so far it's a bit sticky. Bella is not impressed.

Yet, while I was there, the magic of Sephora just called to me. Seriously, it was like the mermaid call from Greek Mythology (if you don't know what I am talking about, pleazzzze read up hermanas!). So I took the chance to go in and get some absolutely necessary items for las primas, aka my gorgeous and beautylicious cousins in Mexico city, and one for La Nena, my loveliest niece.

Got them all nifty lip butters from KORRES. I love their products, since they are mostly natural. And, as a big fan of the Greeks and their beauty style, I swear by them. These butters are the only ones I use: I mostly do not do the lip conditioning thing (I forget), but I adore the guava one - do it at night after taking all the makeup off and doing the i-really-hate-this night beauty routine.

I got the whole collection: pomegranate, guava, wild rose and quince. Funny enough, this shall fit las primas' personalities just fine. Now the problem is they will probably read the blog and find out.... which gives me the perfect excuse to go back and get them something else, mwahahahaha. These are lovely women, las primas.

Still have to get my cuñada something she will like, it is her birthday and of course, the holiday thing. I think/smell perfume- she likey. Or essential oils. She is such a sweet creature, my sister in law. Her only flaw is being married to my brother - let's face it, he is loco. Luvz them both though, and their little bundle of joy (who will get more presents than anyone else, except Rojo).


  1. Just had to say... SEPHORA is my church!

  2. The main reason I *puffy heart* Sephora is because you can try EVERYTHING.

  3. Never heard of Sephora... sorry =(

    But I use Carmex lip balm every night before going to bed and I can't remember the last time I had dry lips. Even during our harsh winters we get here in Colorado.

  4. Carmex is a staple indeed hermana. Rojo just luvz it. Back in Deadmonton I swore by the Blistek medicated ointment, but now I am not as severely chapped *insert happy dance*

  5. I want to try Quince and pommegranite!

  6. I have to recomment here, as I was in "church" yesterday and having forgotten about this post, I bought this stuff, cuz I think it was the only lip "butter" I saw, oooh, and did you know...there is another color...PLUM!!!!!! I wanted it, as they had the "try me" one there and it is beeee-yoooo-tee-ful..., but they were all out of stock. So I got the QUINCE and it's lovely. But I'm going to keep checking for the PLUM!


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