Monday, April 20, 2009

Mascara'ing La Vida Loca: Bat'em, but clean'em


As promised, this week will be devoted to those sexy, sultry, and high impact lashes we all love. There are a couple of things I believe we can all agree on:

1. Eyelashes can make or break a look.
2. Clumpy and runny is not cool, unless you are playing a crying widow on a movie (and even then, they manage to look awesome).
3. Eyelashes are delicate. Mucho delicate.

So, I thought there would be no point to devote a whole week to Mascara'ing La Vida Loca without first having a chat about how to nourish, clean, and preserve those lashes.

Unless you are born with luscious, long, thick, well positioned, naturally curly lashes -and even if you are- chances are you spend a lot of time, money, and panic attacks thinking about how to make them look precisely like that: luscious, long, thick, well positioned, naturally curly.

Most of the divas-in-training that I know believe that finding the best mascara for them is the ultimate achievement. Right? WRONG. Mascara is only one in many steps we should all take to promote healthy lashes. Think about how helpless a fallen lash looks in your hand: see how fragile it looks? Well, it is; and it needs way more luvzz than mascara can give it.

What do you do to enhance your lashes? these are my tips; which have proven to be quite effective since, I must say, my eyelashes are strong and lovely.


Not only do we look awful with yesterday's make up on; but your poor lashes cannot breathe through the mascara, and that is just not nice. I do not use regular eye makeup remover since I find it too irritating; and I use jojoba oil. Some hermanas use olive oil (no, I am not kidding); and others use warm soapy water. Whatever your choice, do it. No excuse.

Also, you can do what mi madre did for me: once the make up is gone and your night eye cream has absorbed, dab some ricin oil (or jojoba) on your lashes as a good night kiss. I tell you, mine and my hermano's lashes are to die for; greatly in part because of mi madre's foresight and love. For those of you who have kiddies, make this part of their nightly routine.


When removing your makeup, do not -repeat, do not- tug at your lashes. Bad, bad idea. The way I go about it is: I dab the jojoba oil on my ring finger (this finger puts on way less pressure than your index) and roll over my eyelids. Easy, easy, easy. No pushing, pulling, or crimping.

Of course this adds to the "no eye rubbing" rule. Eye skin is so much more delicate than all other parts that it deserves some respect chicas. PLUS, it houses your eyes. 'nuff said.


I love mascara. I do. I do. However, I know that mascaras are not made equal. You will find that there are differences that can drive any new diva insane. Waterproof, Water Resistant; Volumizing, Defining, Lengthening, the list goes on.

How to choose???? Think of what YOU need. Are your lashes long, but have no curl? Are they sparse? Are they perfect but clump? Do not buy a mascara just because it is the latest craze. Or because it looks fabulous on your cousin Hermilda. Maybe she has enough volume and does just fine with a defining mascara; while you need some more humpfh factor.

Now go and check out blogs, beauty websites, reviews. I said last week; that make up is NOT a chore. Part of being a makeup diva is knowing and learning and researching -- and some of us are doing the research for you. After all, this is stuff that is in contact with YOUR FACE for about 10 hours a day or more. Worth some time, eh?


About 3 months ago, I bought the much acclaimed Maybelline Stiletto, which had awesome reviews. It made my eyes itch like crazy; but I was foolish enough to keep on using it. Bad, bad, bad. Like my adored hermana B from Clumps of Mascara said: if it hurts, stop using it.

So, if you spent "x" dinero on a mascara and it just does not cut it: get rid of it. Better feeling upset for a tiny bit than paying for allergy medicines after your poor eyes cannot take it anymore.

Enough out of Bella. What are YOUR lash savers? Let's make a looooooong list hermanas!!!

Siempre, Bella.


Gracias for joining us at the Café Beautique. Leave me your ideas and tips!