Monday, March 2, 2009

Café Review: Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup


After years and years of being a 100% devout of MAX Factor pancake foundation; I decided to venture and check Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup out. Why? Because a long time ago I was also a follower of Revlon's color stay foundation; so there. That, and Jessica Alba looked fab in the advertisement --- shameless victim of advertisement, eh?

I bought the foundation in Medium + the primer. The claim for the foundation is:

Weightless foundation that goes on white and self-adjusts to match your exact skin tone. In 5 shades with a flawless finish. SPF 15.

Rojo, our resident chemist and beloved husband immediately cracked into a laughter so evil I felt like a high school dropout without a clue... He claims that there is no way that "skin matching thingie" can happen [insert 45 minute lecture on the properties of carbon and radicals and godknowswhatelse]. I used it anyway; and gave the offending man one of my mean Furia Mexicana looks (he has since redeemed himself).

I don't know about the matching your skin thing; but both the primer and the foundation are quite nice to apply. And my skin looks quite dewy and radiant. Now, if you have oily skin, DO NOT use this: it has the potential of making the dewy look become something greasy and nasty. It is-I think- quite oily. I took a look at my foundation brush after applying and it felt, well, greasy.

It did last all day and looked uniform. Coverage is not as good as my usual foundation; or maybe I am not used to the dewy look (I'm all about matte finishes). But I did not hate it (or you would have heard about it quite fast).

I would much more like if the packaging was with a pump; since something tells me I will not be able to squeeze everything out of the tube (toothpaste, anyone???). Same would apply for the primer, but that one has a transparent tube casing, so I shall forgive them.

Speaking of the primer; it works like a charm; and it does the trick. It feels almost like Smashbox's Photofinish (yup, for like 30% of the price!) and I quite liked it. This will most definitely be repurchased, si si si. From Revlon's website:

Evens skin for a smooth, virtually poreless appearance and creates a smooth base for lasting foundation.

-Lightweight, gel-like formula fills in pores and lines
-Clean, fresh fragrance refreshes your senses.

In short (because I sprained my wrist during an escapade to Trader Joe's today and I can't type), love the primer, semi-love the foundation. But for the price, it is quite the deal! Now, if you have serious discoloration going on, I would recommend you learn how to become a concealer mage. Like Rojo said: magical claims are usually suspect.

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Bella,
    Thanks for the review. I was looking at this foundation (I love trying foundations), but something told me to hold tight. I am glad that I waited because I have oily skin and this won't work.

    You have got me lemming the max factor foundation! BTW, I am a matte finish fan too!

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know Revlon had a primer as well. I love the Smashbox Photofinish but it is way too expensive. I'll try Revlon's for sure.


  3. T: If you are a matte lover, try Revlon's ColorStay series. I found it relatively matte and tres chic!

    Diana: I know!!! This is a lovely buy, since Smashbox is way too pricey!


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