Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple


I have been busy reading, reading, reading beauty and hair publications. My latest public library shipment came in and I must review this book.

Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple was written by the amazing Robert Vetica, who does -ahem- Salma's hair. He just outdid himself in the last Golden Globes, where this fiery and talented hermana looked (no surprise there) like millones de pesos....

I know, I know, I know. I am Salma obsessed (so sue me). But it must be said that this hermana represents so many of us. She has more cojones than many people I know. And when Salma puts her face in the cover of a book and writes the foreword, I notice; read, and learn.

Robert's book is so not like most celebrity hair stylist publications (thank the Goddesses for that!!!). He has a way with words that does not make us feel like complete idiots; or leaves us wondering "what the blip did he mean by...?" He tells it with grace and little verbosity, and takes us by the hand all along.

Roberto does not -like many others- plaster his book with celebrity looks that are impossible to copy unless you have an arsenal of products+tools+time. Some famous women are portrayed of course (Hillary Swank, April Avigne = talk about different women and styles!), but they are not the center of the book. Roberto does not mention brands, either (with the itty bitty exception of his upcoming flat iron line, but that's ok I guess). He gives us all simple steps to not only make our manes look better; but doing so in a *gasp* affordable manner.

Tools, products, care, color, style.... it is all there. I did learn a few tricks; and did not end up feeling completely inadequate, or hopeless. Roberto does not go on the typical "I will make you look 20 years younger, and yada yada yada" tirades. He just shares with us how HE does it; and is quite aware that most of us will not and should not buy, say, 6 different curling irons.

The language is easy as everyday talk. No hidden meanings; no impossible to follow suggestions. It is simple... as simple as beautiful hair should be.

So chicas, you can either get this book for somewhere in between 15 and 25 USD; or you can be smart and get it from the library... saving those pennies to maybe buy some of what Roberto tells us we must have in our hair beauty kit (and no, you will not go broke).

I will say no more. Check this libro out. You will be hapy you did!!!

Siempre, Bella.

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  1. I just read that Salma got married last weekend. I am the last to know!


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