Friday, February 13, 2009

Café Review: Spa Nourish Shampoo + Conditioner


Those who know me are pretty aware of how crazy I am about Trader Joe's. I usually walk there during my lunch hour and get goodies for the house. That is where I get our coffee (French Roast for Rojo and Colombian Supremo for Bella), and our salad fixings (and no A.J., it is not arugula), our hummus, etc.

But one thing I love even more about Trader Joe's is their line of haircare; with the notable exception of the Tea Tree Tingle that, honoring its name, tingles a bit too much; and no one wants to feel you have ants biting your scalp, right?

We have been using their Spa Nourish shampoo and conditioner for some time and luvz it. A lot. Some hermanas say it does not make enough foam, as if that had anything to do with how good a shampoo is!!! Actually, the more foam a shampoo makes, the more harsh chemicals it has, more foam = more soap.

Spa Nourish does not have laureth sulfates or any of the other public enemies for your mane. It doesn't smell like anything; and it is -oh si chicas- cheap as cheap comes. For an organic shampoo you might end up forking over more than 5 or 6 dollars. Not with SPA nourish. This duo costs $6.00 for both shampoo and conditioner. Surprised? I was too.

I have found that with having such long hair like mine, I need a cleaning routine that is not harsh and does not leave residue. This Spa Nourish is just what I need. Now, remember that it is a good idea to altern
ate between hair products. I usually switch between Spa Nourish, Aussie Sydney Smooth, and other brands.

I am reading a book called The Green BeautyGuide by Julie Gabriel; and I am educating myself on the kinds of things I most definitely do not want in my hair. I will keep you posted. You should drop by her site and see what's new with her. The lady knows her stuff!!!

Siempre, Bella.


  1. Hola,

    How are you doing? By the way, happy Valentine's to you!!

    Also, I have a triple award for you. Check it out at my blog. You deserve it hermanas :)

  2. trader's joe spa nourish conditioner is the TRUTH!!! loooove it!!

  3. OMG!!! Thanks BT!!!

    Amina, I agree chica, it is THE trugth!!!

  4. No Trader Joe's here....AUGH! Although we do have a Sam's Club close by. With my long hair (and I do mean LONG!) it is hard to find really good products for keeping it the way I want...touchable and sexy. I switch around with my hair care items and for the moment I am using TRESsemme products. Methinks I will be searching out these Spa Nourish products. Can you believe someone actually said that a woman of my age should have SHORT hair!!!! BAH!

  5. SHUT UP!!!! Long hair is amazing at any age; so long as it is nourished babeeeeee!!!
    You have lovely hair hermana, so there!!!


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