Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To sparkle or not to sparkle...


I was looking at my eye shadows this morning and came to the realization that I have way too many shimmery ones and less matte eye shadows. It did not come as a surprise though was the fact that the shimmery ones I use way less than the matte ones. This got me wondering on how to choose the right finishes and colors for eye shadows.

I *think* as we age, shimmery eye shadowsdo us a dis-service; although some hermanas get away with it with more ease. I also believe it depends on your skin's condition and skin tone. I read somewhere that brunettes can get away with more color combinations than blondies, but I have my reservations. I just cannot wear silver e/s. I look awful.

When talking about finishes, the folks at MAC have categorized them like no one else. MAC has seven finishes to seriously fit every taste and need; and the swatch samples on their website are fabulous. I have tried five of them (matte, frost, lustre, satin and veluxed pearl) and love them all. MAC eyeshadows are amongst the most blendable, and the variety is amazing.

  • FROST - An iridescent shine that adds a highlight quality to any colour.

  • LUSTRE - Smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with a deluxe ultra-fine finish.

  • MATTE - High-color pay-off in a no-shine matte finish.

  • SATIN - Pure color in a satin-style finish. Provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen.

  • VELUXE - Superfine texture. Pigment rich, silky smooth matte finish.

  • VELUXE PEARL - Vibrantly tones and velvety soft with a metallic shimmer. Overlaid with high-shine pearl.

  • VELVET - Soft look finish with high-color intensity. Has a velvety look and feel.

My palette is mostly neutral and towards the bronze/golds. My favorite tones are:

Embark (matte)
Carbon (matte)
Rice Paper (frost)
Saddle (matte)
Honesty (lustre)
Antiqued (veluxed pearl)

I wear the matte finish both as an accent shadow and also as an upper lid eyeliner. My veluxed ones I use sometimes as a lower lid all over shadow and also as an under-eye-liner (more fun than the usual blahness of either maroon or black, and more subtle). Frosts and lustres I olnly use for under my brow bone, or for an all-over highlight.

What are your favorite finishes? Do you shimmer away or are you from the matte-est-mysterious clan? Do tell.

Siempre, Bella.

p.s. Don't forget your primer and clean brushes!!!!


  1. i loove lustre finishes usually...

  2. Shimmery dark purple! Make my greenish eyes pop!

    Not so good for court though. I've been just going for less and lighter purple for court, but I'm thinking I might go to a shimmery taupe instead.

    Legally Smart


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