Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cover Girl Lash Blast ~ review and giveaway!!!


After yesterday's post on the not-so-fab Maybelline Lash Stiletto; I thought I would come back today to talk about one of my 2008 fab finds. Cover Girl LashBlast Volumizing Mascara gives me more volume than any other mascara (drugstore or brand) that I have tried; with just a couple of coats. I bought this mascara on impulse after seeing the commercial once too many times... and I bought it first in the "wrong color" - Brown Black instead of my usual Black.

At first, I didn't even notice it was the wrong color. I just loved how my lashes looked and how, even with so much volume, I did not look as "serious" as I usually do. Later in the day I figured out the lashes were dark brown. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I have since bought the Black one, but keep both of them in my stash; and alternate depending on the rest of my outfit (, I am that obsessive).

The brush is different - it is chubby and has a short handle. The first few times I used it it was so strange; and even when I love the product, I would change the handle's design. Love the bristles, although the blunt end of the brush makes it difficult to reach corners and; for mascara newbies, it must be a drag.

Another thing I love about it is that my lashes stay up and sexy all day long, with no clumping at all; and when it is time to say buenas noches, it is a breeze to get off. Lash Blast not only gives volume, but also picks your lashes up.

This was one of the best drugstore finds of 2008; and Cover Girl has just released a version with shimmer. I shall try and report soon.

Thing is... I love it so much, that I will give you hermanas a chance to win it. Just leave me a comment on this post, with your best eyelash tip. I will choose and announce the winner next Friday!!! Giveaway open to all the hermanas who reside in the continental US.

Siempre, Bella.

p.s. Mascara is the beauty product with the shortest shelf life; so remember to switch at least every 4 months; or if it gets dry, clumpy, etc.


  1. Bella! I have not tried this b/c I am mostly a mascara snob. I used exclusively Lancome for years then was finally convinced to try MacPro - which I love. I am interested to check this one out. My lash tip of the day: Apply a coat of mascara to to the lashes from the under out, then after a few seconds of drying, apply again from the top of lash line out, giving it a little "spin" at the edges. Also, another tip is to apply all eye makeup prior to applying under eye cover and foundation. That way, you don't get those nasty streaks and extra darkness from the little bits of eye shadow and mascara that drop under your eyes.
    Ciao Bella - mi hermana!

  2. Hola Hermanaaaaa,

    I have been on a mission to try to find a mascara I love... not just like, but love. I am still searching - although this giveaway one I have not yet tried!

    My lash tip is to lay one coat down, then 2-3 coats zig zaging the wand from the base to the tips of my lashes, and let each coat dry prior to applying a new coat. Simple, but effective!

    de LaL :D

  3. Everyone took my tips :( LOL! If I am stuck using a clumpy mascara (or inadvertantly create my own clumps) I don't blink and grab a piece of toilet paper or tissue and then lay it under my bottom lashes-- then i close my eyes to blot off the clumps and avoid streaking under the eye. I also do that top and bottom lash coating and drying between coats/zig-zagging.

  4. Yay!!! You love Lash Blast too. You already know how much I love it. ;)

    ...oh, don't count me as entering the contest. I want to give someone else a chance since I'm already rockin' it! HAAAA!!

  5. I should win this contest! I have no tips and I probably have the same mascara as I did in college...and that is a LOOOONG time ago.

  6. Yup this mascara is my fave! Glad I didn't buy the Lash Stiletto- Almost did yesterday too.

  7. Chica unfortunately I have no tips except find a good mascara and use lots of it. I have the worst lashes in the world. They are short and thin. Hubby on the other hand has long thick lashes. Dios mio!


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